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Only finest for the best nail professionals!

TM Milano – is a recognized nail gel-polish manufacturer and is a leader in nail cosmetics industry with a wide range of product variety.

Industry awards and regular participation in various professional exhibitions and competitions, partnerships with major distributors of  nail cosmetics earn  TM Milano an image which is above its competitors. With active and continuous development and hard work, TM Milano Cosmetic has become a leader in the Ukrainian and abroad nail industry market.

We are proud of our achievements and success, because these achievements and success are backed by hard work of each of our personnel and whole company as a team.

TM Milano – is an understanding of each client and all partners in nail industry business. We are cooperating with our clients and business partners for more than a decade and that clears our seriousness towards the possibilities of future development of our company.

Milano COSMETIC – doesn’t just mean continuous expansion of assortment, but also a steady strengthening of positions both in the domestic and foreign markets of manufacturers and distributors of gel polishes for nails industry.

We are concerned that the quality of our products must remain at the highest level, for what thousands of our clients and partners have selected us.

The assortment of Milano Cosmetic products is not limited to a narrow range and same products over the time. We are expanding our products to a wider range continuously by adding assortment to the existing products.

On our website you can find:

– Gel-polishes;

– Base;

– Top;

–Nail polish removing liquids, extensions for restoration of nails;

– Products for nail designing;

–Quality tools and equipment for manicure;